John Pike Watercolor Palette
The Ultimate in watercolor/acrylic palettes

The palette is large - 15" x 10 1/2" x 5/8" with 20, 1-1/2" paint wells. It is made by the very expensive "injection mold" process, using high-impact Styrene - one of the toughest and most stain resistant materials available. Absolute guarantee against very mild staining is impossible when the popular "Thalo" colors (Phthalocyanine) are used - but these dye colors would stain the reputation of a newborn babe. However, there are several kitchen products that will keep your new palette as white as the driven snow.

The inside of the snap-on cover is an additional palette. A large white working surface, without divisions, is there when you need a clean spot in a hurry! This area is completely free of any obstructions. It is your "thinking" area in which you find exactly the color and value you wish by freely pulling in from the three pigment banks, without a runback. This is probably the palette's most important single feature. It allows you to work up a fine big juicy wash in the center without it running back into your pure color, it is a simple little dam that runs around all three sides in front of the color slots - you can easily pull color out, but the center wash will not go back in.

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John Pike Watercolor Palette

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