Wax Token – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The Wax Token development was initiated by OPSkins, a trading platform for skins, but not on a blockchain basis. This is the largest trading platform for skins. Its CEO, William Quigley, wants to bring all platforms under one roof with the crypto currency and offer players the widest possible range of products. In November 2017, Quigley announced its partnership with Xsolla and will accept the token as a means of payment. Xsolla is a global supplier of video games and is supported by Twitch, Steam and Ubisoft.

The Initial Coin Offering shows that this crypto currency is not a stupid idea, but a concept with hands and feet: OPSkins was able to raise a total of 41 million dollars in private and public sales in order to advance token development. In addition to the partnership with the Bancor network, other major companies have pledged their support for the project. These include Pantera Capital, Hyperchain Capital, Galaxy Investment Partners, Fenbushi Capital, Kenetic Capital and Kyber Network. Etehreum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio joins from the blockchain development sector and the well-known developers Dave Anthony and Brian Fargo from the world of video games.

Wax Token – advantages and disadvantages explained by https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/

Many who are not familiar with this part of online gaming will probably not be aware of the market behind this www.onlinebetrug/en. And it won’t shrink in the long run. E-Sports events are hugely popular and are streamed to enthusiastic fans all over the world. And many professional players use their own skins. The platform of the crypto currency has the advantage that it tries to unite all trading places for skins and would theoretically result in a huge user community. The fact that the tokens can be converted into other ERC20 tokens at will only makes the purchase with the Wax Wallet more attractive. Otherwise, the money would only be on the platform if the player could get exactly the skin he wanted, but had no idea what to do with the remaining currency units. The exchange into other crypto currencies https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/ gives the coin the flexibility that could tempt one or the other to buy this token. The same is basically true for investors.

But you have to keep in mind that the wax crypto currency is still very young. According to the roadmap, the actual platform will not go online until the 4th quarter of 2018, the connection of other exchange exchanges of skins will take place in 2019. Until then, the price will probably be quite quiet. Buying W/ax tokens will certainly be quite cheap, but it is also very early to really be able to say whether it will pay off. But one thing makes us confident: William Quigley is familiar with the skin business and can already build on a large customer base.

Wax Token Course – Development – Forecast

The Wax Token price started with a value of 1 Euro at stock exchanges, the next day the value was already 2 Euro per coin. The crypto currency may have gone to the stock exchanges too late, but the hype about the coins was at its peak. After that the prices calmed down, just like at W ax. In the course of January the Wax Token price dropped to around 1 Euro, at the end of the month around 50 Cent. In the course of February there was a further loss of value, the token here cost around 20 cents per coin.

It is difficult to say what the forecast looks like for the long term with such a young coin. It will be a while before the project has matured enough to show that an investment is really worth it. Until then, the price will probably follow the trends on the crypto market and could just as well continue to fall or sometimes rise. In the long run the Wax Token could be worth buying, because at the start of the platform the Wax Token price will certainly rise again.

Create Wax Wallet
There is no own Wax Wallet yet, instead you can use one of many Ethereum based Wallets, like the MyEtherWallet which is popular for this purpose. On its page you select the option “create new wallet” and download a keystore file. Then you upload this file back to the wallet and you get your own address.